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Life is a continuously regenerative process, in which we play some unique roles within a specific time.

Just as a tree loses its leaves and thus undergoes an external change, the process of exfoliation, removal of dead skin cells, fulfills a similar function. Peeling of skin cells makes room for the production of new growth with slight variations. But even when a tree or another growing life manifests a new identity, the core itself will not be changed.

My identity changes took place mainly in the professional field. Although I was trained as a teacher of chemistry and social science, I experienced in my professional life many twists and turns, and with each occurrence a new challenge presented itself, and each challenge inspired me to master it. Each time when a vocational change of identity occurred in my life, opportunity was created for the promotion of my life's purpose.

Looking back, it seems that all professional jobs and events prepared me for the same underlying purpose: to forge my own identity, to spread my knowledge as far as possible, and therefore to contribute my part for the betterment of mankind.

My latest challenge began middle of September 2012. Suddenly poems from the eternal consciousness blossomed in my mind. And I can say that I had never before experienced something similar. They just appeared without my own reasoning, and I started to write them down. At times they gushed over me like a waterfall, at other times it appears they emerged more through a dripping water faucet. And I wrote almost all of them down. It seemed like poetry has chosen me. Then in middle of December 2012, I began to write poems for specific numbers. Since I had started a bit earlier with my visual presentation of numbers by assigning pictures to certain numbers, I transferred this method also to my poems. And, voilà, a new challenge was born.

Since I believe that the visual presentation supports the meaning of the spoken words in a complementary way, I continued with the creation of works of art by means of combining my own poems and images. Most of my images are photographs taken by me, but some of my images are collages with charcoal drawings and acrylic paintings, but also these are my own work. All that I do is to share my knowledge, my thoughts and aspirations through various means. Somehow I feel that this kind of work is a window into the deeper part of my soul. I hope you enjoy my artwork, will find this unique dialogue with the world inspiring and also find a place for my works of art in your home or workplace as an additional reminder of your soul's journey.

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